The Anderson Street Project's Favorite Albums of 2017

Okay so... 2017. 

Musically speaking, it was kinda hard for us. There were definitely some really good projects (especially from newer artists) but this year was just blah in comparison to 2016. In fact, Anti received most of us listens just like it did last year. 


There were some really decent projects that kept our ears via our Bose headphones very happy. See what gave us those eargasms below. 

Into, Sonder



Most people know of Brent Faiyaz from that fun, little song with Goldlink but he is also a well-established artist in his own right. He released two projects this year his solo debut and also an EP with his band Sonder, which is what we're going to talk about here. Very high key, Sonder's Into EP is the sexiest project of the year. Hands down. This is a great feat considering one could make an argument that R&B is losing is sexy. (Death to trap beats.) Our favorite song (and actually the song that introduced us to Brent 'nem) "Lovely" could've been a Ginuwine single back in 1998. Body rolls and all. 


Let Them Fall in Love, Cece Winans


Quick rant. It's totally unfair how we treat Gospel music. We always fail to look at its music from a critical lens which is probably why it's usually left off "Best of" lists or ignored at awards shows. 

Anyways, Cece Winans deserves all the things for her Let Them Fall in Love album. The retro-sounding album has adjectives that are rarely used when talking about Gospel music such as lush, nostalgic, and at moments, fun. Case in point, the song "Lowly" which encompasses all these traits and more. And obviously, she sings. As all Winans do. 


Triumph, Ronald Bruner, Jr. 


Speaking of legendary musical families, The Bruners. Thundercat and his lil bro Ronald both released dope ass projects but Ronald wins. Ronald, who is a noted drummer and besties and bandmates with saxophonist Kamasi Washington, released Triumph this year and no one is talking about this project nearly enough. It has everything a good project should have: stellar musicianship, creativity, lyrical craft, and vocals. "Whenever" needs to be add to WDAS playlist ASAP.


Needle Paw, Nai Palm


We're Hiatus Kaiyote stans. Unashamedly.

So their lead singer wrote her ticket to our Best Of List when the project was announced. Yes, the songs are mostly covers. We've heard and loved them before. But this jawn is more than a cover album, it's a vocal study. It's a testament to the power of background singers and harmonies and how they can transform songs. A much needed lesson in this techy world we live in. 

Heartbreak On a Full Moon, Chris Brown 


Confession: We have not listened to all 45 of these Chris Brown songs. Sorry, we're busy.


The first 15 songs of the album are all 8s and above. That's probably why we couldn't get to the other songs. Fuckery aside, Chris Brown is a real musician and it's our prayer that he stops his lunacy and becomes regarded as a true artist someday.  I've been begging numerous DJs around town to add "Tempo" to their sets. The culture needs it. 

Evon Burton