#AndyStreetJams: Picky by Noel Scales


The truth hurts. 

And it hurts like hell. (No Aretha.)

No other song proves this point better than Noel Scales' "Picky." 

We heard Noel perform this song live the day before her Beautiful Bad EP dropped and ummmm.... it left us kinda speechless. I mean... who really wants to hear all the reasons why they are single listed out for them? (Even if it's over a catchy, intoxicating beat.)

We're gluttons for pain (because, ya know, truth hurts.) so of course we downloaded the EP immediately and of course "Picky" didn't leave rotation, becoming one of our favorite tracks from 2017. 

Noel just released the video to the song and it's just as triggering as the song itself. Damn you, Noel. 

Check it out! Also, be sure to download her Beautiful Bad EP which is on Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify now!

Evon Burton