Can you believe 2015 is almost over? Like, where did this year go?!

In celebration of what could possibly be one of the best years for Black (and Black-influenced) music in some time, we have invited some of our Neighbors and special friends to share their favorite songs and albums of the year.

We’re VERY excited about kicking off our “Best of 2015” series with our dear friend Eric Roberson, who we had the pleasure of meeting while fanning out at a D’Angelo concert a couple of months back. (Remember our Cellphone Chat?) Check out Eric’s five favorite albums of the year below!

Emily King’s The Switch


“Her last album, Seven is one of my favorite albums.  It had the perfect formula. They changed the formula on this album but I easily fell in love with her funkier sound just the same. She can do no wrong.”

Hiatus Kaiyote’s Choose Your Weapon


“I admit like many may say, most times I have no idea what in the hell she’s (Hiatus Kaiyote’s lead singer Nai Palm) talking about. But the vibe, man…that vibe is as authentic as it gets.”

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly


“He didn’t have to take the chance that he took but he did.  He didn’t have to bring in underrated giants, but he did.  In the end, this could very well be a masterpiece we are talking about with the great albums of the past.”

Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show


“If I was giving out a trophy for the sickest pen game of the year, it would go to Jazmine.  I don’t think people realized that she wrote each song intentionally or not, depicting the black reality shows we have on TV.  Not only that, but she made it relatable and soulful.  “Mascara” is one of the best written songs I’ve heard in a long time.”

The Foreign Exchange’s Tales from the Land of Milk and Honey


“Out of fear of being biased I was going to leave this album off my list but I started thinking about how much I’ve played it. The chemistry between Phonte and Nicolay has always been amazing but adding additions like Zo! and Carmen Rodgers are turning them to the “X-Men of Soul.” I wish I wrote“Sevenths and Ninths” and “Asking for a Friend” is hilarious.”

We’ll be sharing some of our Neighbors’ top picks until January 2016. If you would like to join in the fun, email us your top five songs and albums at

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