Moments in Love Featuring Neighbor Jared Michael Love

Even though Valentine’s Day is over (Good Riddance!), we’re still talking love songs. Entitled Moments in Love (named after that classic Art of Noise song that WDAS kept on rotation back in the day.), we’ve asked a few of our favorite neighbors to share with us a few songs that pinpoint certain important moments in one’s love life. Specifically, the fall-in-love, the breakup, and those very, VERY intimate moments with bae.

Next up, we have one of our favorite people in the world, Jared Michael Lowe, the founder and editorial director of the Jared was recently featured in the Huffington Post’s “We Are Black History” campaign portraying his role model Langston Hughes. Make sure you take a look at the amazing photos (also including Philly’s own Curran J and Cory Townes) and the behind-the-scenes video. Check out Jared’s “Moments in Love" picks below.

Favorite Love Song

“Unconventional Ways” by Jazzyfatnastees

“I first came across this song while I was in high school and played this endlessly; I still do! It helped me realize that love doesn’t have to be conventional, not even gender specific. It’s so pure with it’s intent: to love someone unconditionally and without barriers. Shouldn’t all love be that way?”

Break-Up Song

“Marvin’s Room” by Drake

“How cliché of me LOL. But, there’s so much truth in Aubrey’s song. Who hasn’t contemplated drunk texting or calling an old flame in the wee hours of the morning?”

Set-the-Mood Song

“Yeah I Said It” by Rihanna

“This might be too early to proclaim – since Rihanna’s long awaited sixth album “Anti” just came out – but it’s on heavy rotation on my iTunes. Who can deny Rihanna’s effortless purr of allure? It def sets every mood and can make you do things you’re not comfortable doing LOL.”

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