Moments in Love featuring Neighbor Nas Haddad

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, we’re talking love songs all month long on Anderson Street. Entitled Moments in Love (named after that classic Art of Noise song that WDAS kept on rotation back in the day.), we’ve asked a few of our favorite neighbors to share with us a few songs that pinpoint certain important moments in one’s love life. Specifically, the wedding, the breakup, and those very, VERY intimate moments with bae.

Wedding Song

“Together Forever” - Shai

“Upon talking to friends about this piece, this song stuck out. It’s all about the lyrics and just talking to the one you love.”

Break-Up Song

“Heartless” - Kanye West and “Just to Keep You Satisfied” - Marvin Gaye

“From experience, sometimes during a break-up, you don’t want to hear an R&B songs. Sometimes you just want to vibe out in a different way. Hence, the Kanye West songs. However, in a normal break-up where the two are just on different pages, Marvin’s “Just to Keep You Satisfied” is the perfect song. 

Set-the-Mood Song

“Would You Mind - Janet Jackson

“This was a really hard one to pick because slow jams are my twist. However, when you play this song, she already knows what time it is.”

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