NEW FEATURE! Moments in Love featuring Laurin Talese

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, we’re ecstatic to introduce our new weekly feature. Entitled Moments in Love (named after that classic Art of Noise song that WDAS kept on rotation back in the day.), we’ve asked a few of our favorite Neighbors to share with us a few songs that pinpoint certain important moments in one’s love life. Specifically, the wedding, the breakup, and those very, VERY intimate moments with bae.

First up, we have our dear friend Laurin Talese who slayed the hell out of her shows at SOUTH Kitchen and Jazz Parlor last week. If you haven’t checked out Laurin’s recently released EP An Invitation, please do so before Valentine’s Day. We’re sure it’ll spark some flames for you and bae. Check out Laurin’s “Moments in Love” picks below.

Wedding Song

“My One and Only Love” - Jamison Ross

“I think I’d want this to be performed by the artist for our first dance. So simple. Age old standard with a warm, sweet, heart felt and simple interpretation.”

Break Up Song

“You Don’t Own Me” - Lesley Gore

“Strong message interpreted by a free voice with almost a bohemian sensibility.”

“Set The Mood” Song

Dick in a Box - Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

“I don’t like music during sex. It’s distracting to me because of the way my brain processes music. *laughs* I’d probably stop my partner while in the act to listen to my favorite part. However, if there was a way to seamlessly and remotely press play to a dumb song like “D*ck in The Box” or something while in the throws of passion, I probably would. Or like weird animal sounds… Like National Geographic… That would make us laugh so hard!”

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