What’s Blasting on Anderson Street?!


Of course, we’re listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade. How can we not?! The Queen FINALLY dropped her long-anticipated 6th album (and 2nd visual album) this weekend and nothing else matters. (JK but let’s not act like the Beyonce effect isn’t real.) The visual album dropped in true boss bish fashion with a must-see-TV HBO special. Visually, this was celebration of black women! To anyone who disputed Beyonce’s feminist claims when the previous album dropped, this is Beyonce’s response with her middle fingers raised up. Sonically, we have never heard Beyonce sound so bold, and quite frankly, so honest. Everything isn’t so rosy for the most glamorous superstar on the planet. She faces heartbreak too. (See: “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Hold Up”) Damn you, Mathew (and allegedly, Jay)! She also forgives (see: “Forward” and “All Night”) which is a quality rarely discussed in popular music nowadays. She’s human and we’re in full support. Can’t wait to see how it will be showcased during Formation World Tour.    

We already mentioned dvsn’s album in the previous section but it’s worth mentioning again. dvsn, an elusive R&B duo signed to Drake’s record, came through on their debut album Sept 5th. The duo consisting of Nineteen85 (the producer behind “Hotline Bling”) and relatively unknown singer Daniel Daley gave us the bodyrolling soundtrack of 2016. Songs like “Do It Well” and “Too Deep” verge on Ginuwine levels of bodyroll. In fact, the entire project recalls Ginuwine’s Timbaland days. We see no problem there. The song “The Line”? WHEW, a tearjerker and a textbook case for phenomenal vocal production. Wanna check the album out? It should be on your favorite streaming service now.

Musiq Soulchild had us scared, confused, and a tad bit angry when he decided that he wanted to be a rapper under the moniker The Husel. Let’s just block that phase from our memories and pray that it never returns. But look at GOD! Musiq came back (yes, as a singer!) and DELIVERT! In fact, his new album Life on Earth recalls his classic debut Aijuswanaseing. Ain’t God good?! His classic hip hop references are present and accounted for and more importantly, his poignant storytelling is there too! Our favorite song is actually the project’s first single “I Do.” We can’t seem to get its melodic and repetitive chorus out of our heads. If you haven’t copped the project yet, get it now! You won’t be disappointed. Philly supports Philly, right?!

Speaking of Philly supporting Philly, the legendary Freeway will be dropping his new album Free Will tomorrow! If you recall, Freeway recently had a very serious health scare and many of us were concerned that it would impact his career. Well, he’s back and stronger than ever!  If the album is as good as his first single “Hot As Ice,” we’ll be all in!  It will be in stores and on your favorite streaming service tomorrow.