Anderson Street Chats with Bilal at Soul School Festival

If you would have told us back when we were starting this little project that we would be interviewing Philly legends and Grammy Award-winning artists, we wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, we would have laughed in your face and gave you a famed Uptown Philly eye roll. But alas…

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to cover State Representative Jordan Harris’ Soul School Festival. We can’t tell you what was more harmful to our health: the unbearable heat or the earth-shattering vocal performances from Jaguar Wright, Bilal, andDru Hill.

Between the sets, we were able to connect with the innovative Philly native better known as Bilal. We talked about his love for Philly, his deep album cut “Sometimes” (which he sang and we recorded to much delight), his Prince tribute at the BET Awards, and much more!

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