Can we have a moment of praise and gratitude for a second?

When we started the Anderson Street Project a little more than a year ago, we had no idea that we would have the opportunity to meet, better yet interview, as many cool people as we have. Praises to the Most High.

Last week, we added another cool person to our steadily growing list. We had the awesome opportunity of meeting and sitting down with one of the greatest voices in modern day music Durand Bernarr. Durand Bernarr, who was completing his first national tour, performed to a sold out crowd at Pub Webb. The show was the same night as the Bad Boy concert which speaks volumes of his fan base and the anticipation of seeing him live. And how was the show? Let’s just say that we cussed him and his entire team out backstage for destroying our edges like they did.

Durand, who became famous from his YouTube channel where he has covered (and quite frankly bettered) some of our favorite songs, has been touring as a background vocalist for Erykah Badu for the last five years and was a featured voice on The Internet’s amazing album Ego Deep. He’s also an established singer-songwriter as well!

We chatted about his newest (and amazing) project Sound Check, life on the road with a legend, meeting the Vivian Green, and much more. Check out the interview below.

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