Our Pick of the Week: Banks’ Set at Budweiser Made in America

If you have been following the Anderson Street Project for awhile now, you probably have figured out that we are not that thrilled with the Budweiser Made in America lineup this year. We already know Beyonce will slay like she always does but she already headlined this festival before and we all know she hates performing non-singles. In fact, she and a good chunk of these artists have either performed at MIA or at a local venue within the last few months. Why should we pay to see them again in such a short time span?

Even though we are a little disappointed, there is one reason why we would have considered a one-day pass if it wasn’t sold out. That reason’s name is Banks, who will be gracing the MIA stage this weekend. Banks is like the antidote to the stereotypical female singer.  She’s not sugary sweet, she’s not over-the-top and her punchy, moody lyrics portray a woman who is not afraid of telling a man how she feels.

We fell in love with Banks’ in late 2013 with her fabulous 4-song EP entitled London, named in reference to the London-based producers she worked with on the project. The EP featured fan favorite and single “This Is What Is Feels Like,” a body-rolly verbal assault to a man who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. The song (and the overall EP) was the perfect preview to her album Goddess which was released September of last year. The title track and one of  our faves on the album continues her trend of tinge-filled lyrics for a man who didn’t value her worth. 

Now is Banks’ set alone worth the couple hundred dollars required for the festival? We’re not so sure about that. But it definitely make the purchase seem like a better deal.

Catch Banks this weekend at the Budweiser Made in America festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway!.