The Anderson Street Project Interviews “The Lioness,” Teedra Moses

The Anderson Street Project got the awesome opportunity to attend the Kindred the Family Reunion a couple weeks back. Kindred the Family Reunion is an annual community event thrown by “Philly’s Favorite Couple” that features good food, fun activities, and of course, some good ole Philadelphia sangin’. Kindred took things up a notch this year by inviting their famous friends to participate in what had to be the most “soulful” softball game of all time. Some of the players included Eric Roberson, Algebra Blessett, Cheryl Pepsii Riley (Remember her?!?), Dwele, and Teedra Moses. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing two of the players and two of Anderson Street’s faves Teedra Moses and Eric Roberson (who’s interview will be released later this week) after the game.

We’re unapologetic Teedra fans around these parts. She captured our hearts with her infatuation anthem “Be Your Girl” back in 2004 and then wrapped us around her finger with her debut album Complex Simplicity. Her storytelling, soothing vocals, and ear for production made us and every other R&B aficionado take note. 

However, something happened. The world was kept waiting for an official follow-up to Teedra’s debut. Eleven years to be exact. After a release of a few EPs (including 2014′s phenomenal California Vibes EP), Teedra finally decided to drop her long anticipated album Cognac and Conversation this year. 

We got a chance to chat with Teedra about her latest album, a few of our favorite tracks, and why she doesn’t come to Philly enough. Check out the interview below.

ASP: What brought you to Philly today? 

Teedra Moses: I’m here for the 2015 Kindred the Family Reunion and I played on Team Kindred. AND We won! I’m not good at softball or any athletics but I did bring in the winning homerun!

ASP: Do you come to Philly often?

TM: I do not come to Philly often.

ASP: You know that’s a problem.

TM: Yeah, tell the promoters that there are people in Philly that want to hear me sing. You know, if they throw that coin, your girl will get on that plane!

ASP: So you just released a new album. Let’s talk about the new album, Cognac and Conversation.  First, let’s talk about the title.

TM: The title is meant for the vibe. The vibe is real smooth, easy and sensual. And strong.

ASP: Do we need a bottle of cognac for it?

TM: Yes, you do need to pick up a bottle of cognac. Anyone that you prefer. Right now I have no specific sponsor. Once I do I’ll tell you which one to pick up. But it’s a vibe. And it took me 11 years to put out an official sophomore album. Not that I wasn’t putting out mixtapes in between but I found my niche. So I think that when you listen to Complex Simplicity 10 years, 11 years later, you’ll understand that it’s the same person who has matured. That’s all. I kinda got to know myself better.

ASP: Let’s talk about the songs on Cognac and Conversation.

TM: One of my favorite songs is the title track “Cognac and Conversation.” It’s just a vibey record. You can be hanging out with your guy friends, with your homegirls. Kinda mellow on your way to the club. We got “That One” featuring Anthony Hamilton, which is a great ballad love song.

ASP: There’s also a Camp Lo sampled song.

TM: Yes, that’s the other Rick Ross collab. That’s a really cool record that’s just classic. It’s just a hip-hop soul record but to-date. It’s got that nostalgic vibe but it’s still kinda modern.

ASP: Your sound has always been forward. When I think about hip-hop soul, I think about you. When I listen to the lyrics, I would almost say that they come from a dark place at times.

TM: Sometimes but at the end there’s always an upliftment that I truly have. I talk about my pain but I don’t dwell in it. I always talk about the victory in the end.

ASP: One of my favorite Teedra Moses songs is “Caution.” Where in the world were you because that’s one of those songs that makes you wanna do a snap in a z-formation in a guy’s face?

TM: That song was the first song I completely wrote, arranged and produced by myself. You know, you just feel invincible in your twenties. You feel like every man wants you. Now, I feel like every other. (laughs) But in my twenties I felt like every man wanted me and that was the vibe I gave. “Caution” was the record that I knew that I was something to be desired and I made sure he knew it. You might as well come give me what I want because I know you want it.

ASP: But that’s such a dichotomy from “Be Your Girl.” You know what I mean? Can you talk about that duality?

TM: Because that’s the same person. We all have that. As confident you are on Monday, you can be very insecure on Thursday. But it’s makes us neither the most insecure nor the most confident. It makes us human beings. I don’t think we’re only one way all of the time. You’ll hear that on any project of mine. I go through all of those emotions. I don’t try to get stuck.

ASP: Is Teedra Moses still that same girl?

T: Yes. Always. Just still more in tune with myself.

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